Keaton Nye

Keaton Nye is an Oklahoma City-based videographer specializing in destination and travel video advertisements. As a FAA licensed drone pilot, Keaton Nye has captured cinematic aerials around the world.



Keaton Nye Films introduced aerial service to their productions in 2014 bringing their quality of production to new heights. Keaton Nye Films can accomplish the shots your production needs, safely and effectively.

“Are you licensed?” | “Are you insured?" | The answer is yes to both! As with all insurance, our coverage is flexible, but we have a standard overall liability policy covering most production needs. 

The FAA has recently initiated an entirely new category in Pilots licenses, specifically for drones. We are proud to be one of the first licensed UAS operators in Oklahoma and look forward to showing this great state from a whole new angle. 

With multiple aerial platforms, we are able to fit a wide variety of production needs from simple photos to all commercial and cinema applications. Our drones are 4K capable, but for the camera nerds, our brand-new Inspire 2 with DJI's X7 camera is capable shooting up to 6K Raw (up to 30fps), as well as 4K Raw (up to 60fps). With the Inspire 2 system, each aerial contract requires a two man team (Pilot and camera operator). 

In the event our drone goes down, we'll have a second aerial platform on stand by so the work can be completed. This situation has yet to happen but we are fully prepared for anything.

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