Keaton Nye

Keaton Nye is an Oklahoma City-based videographer specializing in destination and travel video advertisements. As a FAA licensed drone pilot, Keaton Nye has captured cinematic aerials around the world.


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About Me

Keaton Nye built his reputation as a skillful and artistic-minded videographer through adventure and experience. By forging ahead with new concepts, continually expanding his technical skills, reinvesting in top-end equipment and actively seeking out new challenges, Nye quickly became a first choice for organizations needing exceptional, cutting-edge commercial footage. 

Nye began his videography business during college, when he assisted some friends who were shooting campus activities footage. The prospect of producing first-rate video resulted in a permanent shift in focus. 

“I soon realized that videography filled the need for creativity in my work and life,” Nye said. “From that point on, I put all my energies toward camerawork. I rented a booth at a bridal show and started booking weddings, which was a great place to get my bearings, develop technique and, most importantly, meet client expectations. Anyone who’s done that work knows there is no margin for error on a wedding day.”

One of Nye’s best ideas centered on drone-enabled aerial photography. A few years ago, Nye invested in a drone and began to learn the fine details of piloting along with the FAA regulations surrounding them. After mastering flight, he began to incorporate camerawork into the operation, which required Nye to completely rethink his ideas about aerial drone photography.  

“You have to be a cinematographer first and a drone pilot second,” he said. “It helps to think of the drone as a flying camera rather than an aircraft that happens to have a camera attached to it, if that makes sense. With all of this, I can offer perspectives that, until recently, were simply out of the budget range for many projects.”  

Mastering aerial drone cinematography put Nye in a unique position in terms of services. Just a few years ago, the shots he now achieves with a DJI Inspire 2 were all but impossible without a helicopter, which commands a $50,000 day rate. When Nye captures breathtaking imagery of Hawaiian volcanoes or Icelandic waterfalls, he does so with far greater control and flexibility than could ever be managed with conventional helicopter shoots, and he does so at a small fraction of the day rate. 

While this art continues to emerge, Nye finds himself on the front line of his specialty. As a full-service videographer, he can not only execute the necessary maneuvers to capture one-of-a-kind footage, Nye provides full video and sound editing for all assignments. In addition, he now provides his services worldwide.

“I will go anywhere for a great shot,” Nye said. “I’ve got the bug to see and to shoot as much of the world as I can, and my on-hand technology has achieved parity with my ambitions and ability. I really have no limits.”

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